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Welcome to our Newsletter Archive!

2021 Issues

Issue 1 – August 2021

Our very first issue! To celebrate MLHR’s 10th birthday we looked back over the first 10 years of MLHR and all that we got up to!

Issue 2 – September 2021

This month we gave a full introduction to all oour amazing bases along with some behind the scenes from our 10 year celebration.

Issue 3 – October 2021

Along with our arrivals and departures lounge, the Curly Pigs and Donnie the foal were given the spotlight.

Issue 4 – November 2021

A very busy month for arrivals and departures and an introduction to MLHR’s very own pog, Rodney.

Issue 5 – December 2021

December’s story of the month was Grandpa John and his 4 girlfriends, we welcomed a very cute kitten and a goat to the farm and said a heartbreaking goodbye to foal Lyndon.

2022 Issues

Issue 6 – January 2022

 This month we wish you a happy new year, our story of the month is a tour of our MLHR Kildare base and we tell you some of our animals’ New Year Resolutions!

Issue 7 – February 2022

Love is in the air this month with our special Valentine’s Day edition, we also begin out new ‘Mini Section’ to showcase our smaller, but no less dearer, rescues.

Issue 8 – March 2022

Spring rushes in and so do the rescues, meet Neo, the piglet that stole our hearts. We also remember the story of Polly pockets who was stolen from us and then found again!

Issue 9 – April 2022

This month our arrival is a beautiful foal, Gabriel, born on our Kildare farm base. In our story of the month we look at springtime for animals in Ireland.

 Issue 10 – May 2022

This month we look at wild horses around the world and here in Ireland. We also look at Abbey’s medical journey in our Day in the Life section.

Issue 11 – June 2022

In June we look at the baby boom we’ve seen in the rescue and look at one arrival in particular, little Cairo. In our Day in the Life section we recap on all the medical journeys we’ve discussed over the months and let you know where they are now!


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