The Little Lost Collection


“The Little Lost Farm Yard Friends” tells the story of Milo, a horse who was uncared for and left to fend for himself. Milo was lucky enough to be brought to the My Lovely Horse Rescue farm with the help of his feline friend Pepper. Milo’s story is based on that of Matt Damon the real life horse who found himself in a similar situation, alone with no one there to help him in his times of need. Matt is now a beloved member of the MLHR family ❤️ The aim of our second book is to highlight that horses in Ireland are often left to care for themselves which is not something they can do. They, like us, need love and to be cared for which is exactly what My Lovely Horse Rescue does ⭐️

Three remarkable TY students from the Presentation School Kilkenny decided to create two enchanting books. These books feature a dog named Britney Spears and a horse named Matt Damon, both beloved residents of My Lovely Horse Rescue. The stories, inspired by their rescue journeys, aim to educate and inspire.

Written for primary schools, both books are beautifully penned in Irish. The girls have already garnered numerous competitions and awards for their efforts. They’re set to represent Ireland in the European finals in Berlin, competing in the social enterprise category through NFTE.

Their collection, aptly named “The Little Lost Collection,” marks a significant stride in education and animal welfare. We are thrilled to see such a meaningful project crafted by students for younger children.